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Bring order to extraordinary events

Event Management Software designed to help you create extraordinary events.

Who is Elevento For

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Simplify your event booking process, improve collaboration among employees, increase sales and customer retention.

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Easily manage events in different locations, share tasks with your team and keep everyone on track.

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Get clarity over your daily to-dos, save time, increase your productivity and lower your stress levels.


Event Management

Where are my notes?

All in one place

Gather everything that is important in one central place.

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Wow. That was chaotic!

Organized Schedule

Break the event into tasks organized in a timeline.

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Whose job is that?!

task management

Assign each task to the right person from your team.

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Today is a big day!

Your day at a glance

View your daily tasks for upcoming events and share to-do lists with co-workers.

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Is the date available?

calendar booking

Check the calendar for an empty date slot and book the event directly.

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How much would it cost?

accurate quote

Provide precise cost estimations with your products and services in mind.

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Upcoming Feature

Elevento covers all the stages of an event

Gather all the information needed for the event - requirements, vendors, attach additional files
Create tasks for every stage of the event, even before it starts and after it is over.
Coordinate all the tasks and execute them on time according to the schedule.
Collaborate with your team and supervise their performance on their assigned tasks.
Accomplish the tasks from your schedule or rearrange them any time to adapt to unexpected changes.
Follow up
You can contact clients, vendors or employees for following up after the event.

How does It Work?

1. Create an event.

Quickly check your calendar and create new event at the available date.


2. Organize the Event in tasks and delegate them to your team.

Assign tasks to your teams for a specific date and time.

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3. Have all your client's data in a central place

Add relevant information to increase customer satisfaction and retain your clients.

Screenshot from Elevento’s application illustrating lists of client’s names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses

4. Manage your employees and teams.

Oversee employee availability, team responsibilities and task distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


For what type of events is Elevento suited for?

Elevento is suited for a large range of events. You can easily organize weddings, team buildings, corporate events, private celebrations, wine tastings, networking events, seminars, awarding ceremonies, etc.

Yes. Elevento can be integrated with different types of software solutions such as CRM systems, ERP systems and others. If you have a question about a specific software, contact us.

There are a few settings that you can do yourself to adjust the application for your unique business needs. If you want some additional features we can always discuss your business requirements further.

Elevento can be adapted for both small companies and big organizations.

In Elevento we value your privacy and all of the personal data is well secured in compliance with all regulations.

Currently Elevento is available in English and in Bulgarian. In the future we plan to translate it in more languages.

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